A protocol for secured identities

We build an infrastructure that enables secure identification, transactions and signatures in a decentralized service model. Our system simplifies transactions and enriches exchanges for all the interacting parties. It provides safer experiences for the users as well as for the organizations, and exploits any previous activity as an opportunity to establish trust and engagement. In practice, it means that for any transaction they offer, organisations can define what information they need from their users, and get this information certified by the infrastructure. In return, users have a better control of their information: they get their information stored in their device, and protected by a high level of encryption, they can see which information is shared, and use certification as a mean to access services in a simple way.


Modular architecture

Our infrastructure relies on 3 main layers:

  • A passport is installed in the user’s phone. It contains all the private information in a encrypted and secured way.
  • Highly securised certification and signature services enable the user to access and confirm transactions involving elements from the passport.
  • Transactions are happening through an open ecosystem of webservices . Anyone can connect to these services or create their own and become a secured service provider.

This structure enables to maintain a high level of security and confidentiality for the user in his passport, and a great freedom in the implementation in the services it connects to. Already have your own technical pieces? You can just connect directly to the authentificstion layer for offering.


Download Integrity

The Integrity app is our platform to demonstrate the value of our decentralised infrastructure. It enables any user to store their information in a secured way, and share it with service providers when required in a transaction. Anybody can create a Service place on Integrity: we offer an independent organisational structure that secures and manages users and applications. Anyone can become a service provider within a minute.